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A major theme of this present century will be the pursuit of our collective identity. We are on a search for who we are. What does it mean to be a human? Can there be more than one kind of human? In fact, what exactly is a human.... On average science unveils a new invention every day, and almost without fail these days, that daily invention disrupts the notion of ourselves. Every day we are getting news that challenges our identity. Who are we and who do we want to be?
— Kevin Kelly

Being a media maker in an age of increasingly open access to digital copyrighted material, I've decided to include footage not owned by myself or granted permission to me for use, such as news reports, youtube videos, stock footage, and more. I do this under the following conditions and motivations:

  1. I do not claim ownership of said media
  2. I provide links to the origin of the media through youtube annotations and a credits page
  3. My use of the content adheres to the guidelines of Fair Use
  4. This series is non-commercial and publicly available
  5. As the maker, I will respect and promptly reply to requests by the content's owner to remove their media from the edit

By openly using and providing links to material not owned by myself, I hope to encourage further learning, create a larger audience for the owners of the content, decrease the cost of production, and create a dialog about digital rights.