Role - Head Producer/Director

Our objective was to position Century 21 as a resource for millennials who were curious about the home buying process. So, how did we bridge the gap between home buying and millennials? Adulting.

Channeling inspiration from academia and infomercials, we created an instructional how-to video series that showcased topics everyone must learn to conquer adulthood. Topics ranged from Mastering Business Casual to the Fundamentals of Picture Hanging, Host a Dinner Party Like a Boss, Medicine Cabinet Basics, and more.

- Likeable Media, 2018


6.6+ Million Views

5,000+ Shares

10,000+ Reactions

Digiday Video Awards

Century 21's Adulting campaign was awarded "Best Social Media Video Campaign" by Digiday at the 2018 Digiday Video Awards.


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